Case Study - Care and Education Environment

Executive Summary

The challenge was to review current status and to develop a gap analysis on the overall compliance of the estate covering some 20 plus sites operating both in the Care and Education environment.

The solution was to establish the current base line and with each element of compliance bring the standards up to the requirements of both Statutory and Mandatory regulations.

The benefits are to ensure that from both an internal and external audit (Ofsted & CQC) that all areas of the client’s operations met their obligations and that they were seen as a centre of excellence in their particular field of specialism.

The Challenge

To take a position of noncompliance in many areas of the operation which was causing the client considerable concern due to the stringent and random audits carried out on them by both Ofsted and CQC.

The client operates in a very stringently controlled environment where the development, safety and protection of their client’s is paramount in their success, and any failings could lead to the loss of funding which would have a major impact on their ability to continue.

The client is measured against other facilities and is under constant cost challenges from Local Authorities and Private benefactors whilst continuously driving standards of care and development to a world class status.

The Solution

The solution was to find a suitable company/person to bring the level of knowledge to the business who could not only resolve the historic failings but who could set up systems and processes that could be handed over in a compliant status and that could continue to be managed by the onsite team into the future.

The solution was to utilise the specialist services of Macallam Interim who in turn selected a candidate that could meet and exceed the client’s requirements not only in the compliance management field but who could also take on the role as the Facilities, Maintenance & Project Manager while the client recruited a new head of Facilities.

The outcome of this approach was that the client secured the quality and level of person that could deliver all aspects of the requirements and brought the operations back to a fully compliant status.

The Benefits

The client now has fully compliant status across all sites against the start point of non-compliance in many areas, they now also have a set of systems and procedures in place to ensure the ongoing compliance standards can be managed and maintained.

The benefits form the client’s perspective are that they can pass any audit process from the various bodies that monitor them, plus the sites are now in a much safer and controlled state with planning systems in place for future works ensuring ongoing success.

As Wendy Eadsforth - CEO expressed “she now feels the Executive Management Team and herself can feel confident in that all of the areas that they had concerns around have been fully addressed and they can now focus on the continued development and success of their business”.

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