Waste to Energy 

A case study


Brief Energos— is a waste to energy technology provider that has been successful in delivering the only gasification projects in Europe namely in Norway, Italy and Germany. The concept has been promoted in the UK and they have been successful in securing projects in Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Derby and the Isle of Wight.



The company has struggled to move from a development business to a project delivery business and has been set up as if it were delivering a product rather than a project. This has led to the company experiencing a number of teething problems.  We provided the immediate solution with the appointment of Steve Prendergast as Interim CEO and subsequent appointment of key members of the leadership team.



  • Re-negotiate more favourable terms with existing contracts
  • Change the structure to a project led organisation with the commercial function controlling the costs at project level.
  • Set up an engineering team with the technology leaders directing rather than advising and move the central buying team to the projects.
  • Replace a number of key people with more competent project deliverers.



Restructuring is ongoing whilst delivering existing projects. The design team is now set up to focus on the next series of projects. We are also in the process of introducing a standalone, modulised design, preassembled unit, so that we are able to plug and play on site. This will minimise interfaces with the EPC contractor. We have developed a more economical solution for the plant layout with a smaller footprint. New suppliers have been established with a lower cost base. The next stage of the company’s development will be to sell the process worldwide.

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